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A clean and legit online pharmacy is RXpills. With a wide variety of products and fair prices, it is a serious project. Notable is the shipping which is free but for some destinations it better to book an insurance for 8.40USD as well. This insurance guarantees a free redelivery when the first or even second parcel does not reached it's destination.
The traceable express delivery service for 28.40USD includes the insurance fee and reduces the delivery time for about 50%.
The shipping itself is fast, we had to wait just 5 days in the US and UK to reach our two test parcels. This demonstrates that they seem to have shipping center on both continents (maybe that is the reason why the shipping fees are so high).
The customer care is polite and honest and the average response time is three hours. All in all, it's a professional project and can be used without any unhesitatingly.


last update:11.11.2018


shipping:0.00 $
with insurance:8.40 $
traceable:20.00 $

ways of payment

visa, mastercard

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