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Another long established online pharmacy which found its way into the Drugeo network. Its design is clean, serious and up to date so it can also be used with hand-held devices (smart phones, tablets). They have a comprehensive product range with fair prices. Sure they are cheaper alternatives out there but if you need multiple different products you will find them for a fair price.
One drawback are the shipping fees, 20$ for shipping without insurance is not very cheap. An insurance is always a good idea because it guarantees a free delivery when the first parcel did not reached its destination. So the risk of delivery takes the pharmacy.
But this 20$ shipping fee only apply when the value of your order is below 300$, so larger orders costs only the insurance of 4.99$. This makes it a little bit more fair to the customer but he or she needs to place a bulk order. We placed two small test orders and booth reached us after 6 days(UK) and 9 days(USA). This is fast but not very fast which makes this online pharmacy to a perfect candidate for bulk orders.


last update:11.07.2017


shipping:20.00 $
with insurance:4.99 $
traceable:30.00 $

ways of payment

visa, mastercard,

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