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Welcome in our frequently asked questions section. Here you can find comprehensive answers to the most important questions about Drugeo and the general online pharmacy business.

Why has Drugeo so many good reviews?18.06.2016

First of all Drugeo receives and publishes many bad reviews. However, the most of these reviews will be deleted after a while when the online pharmacy and the customer could solve their problem(s).
The reason for that is that Drugeo acts like a mediator between the customer and the vendor and negotiates a solution which is acceptable for both sides. When a problem was solved successfully (by sending a free replacement-delivery or a refund etc.) there is no reason to keep a bad review online due this could harm the business of the online pharmacy in a sustained manner. Only when a problem could not be solved the bad review remains online, but such a case is very rare.

Which additional features supports Drugeo?17.06.2016

Drugeo offers its users numerous features to make a search for good offers even more comfortable. To reach this goal it is important to reduce the number of matches how the following examples demonstrate.

1. example

dutasteride 30
This example gives you all offers with the active agent 'dutasteride' and a quantity of 30 tablets.

2. example

dutasteride 0.5mg
This example gives you all offers with the active agent 'dutasteride' and with a dosage of 0.5mg.

3. example

dutasteride 100$
This expression gives you all offers with the active agent 'dutasteride' which prices are 100$ or less.

4. example

dutasteride 30 80$
This expression gives you all offers with the active agent 'dutasteride' with a quantity of 30 tablets with a maximum budget of 80$.

5. example

'Advair Diskus' 100$
If the name of your desired medication contains more words you can use quotes to focus the engine of the sequence to these words. The engine will give you all matches with this sequence, without the results of every single word which is in the quotes.

6. example

aceon 50$ lipitor 60$
It is also possible to do cumulative searches with separated specifications.

What alternative payment methods are available?17.06.2016

Some customers contacted us in the past complaining about fraudulent credit card charges. A research has shown that not the online pharmacies but their more or less shady credit card processors has initiated the charges. Such charges were done some months or even years after a purchase at on online pharmacy was done.

Now the question comes up, why online pharmacies tend to use such shady credit card processors. The answer is legal situation of their business. Their business needs to be protected against several fraudulent authorities around the world which pushes them to use the financial services of questionable business partners.

This situation cannot be changed by customers but it is possible to take more secure payment methods in order to protect the own credit card details.

Such an alternative would be eCheck (electronic check). Echecks are limited to US-customers and they are like usual checks. The only difference is the instant processing and the lower fees.

For European customers is the SEPA transfers available. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) makes it possible to send funds from and to every other bank-account in the European zone. The fees are very low or fee in the most cases.

An other upcoming alternative are crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Dash. These crypto currencies have to be purchased at several online selling pages (for bitcoin for dash). After this step, these crypto currencies can be spend on several online pharmacies. In this case a webshop like an online pharmacy cannot get your payment (credit card or bank) details.

Last but not least are the debit cards which are issued by Visa and Mastercard. These kind of cards can be used a surrogate between you and the online pharmacy. You need to top them up to the value of your order and use them instead your real credit card. This solution is the most elegant one but it will cost you additional fees due such debit cards are not for free.

Why does some online pharmacies have a domain history?17.06.2016

Many here listed online pharmacies had domains which are not in use any more. The reason for that fact are complaints made by US-companies like Legitscript which take up pressure the domain registrars. This pressure leads in many cases to the expropriation of the domain and the online pharmacy goes offline.

This practice of censorship affecting primary domains managed by Versign which are as follows:
  • .com
  • .net
  • .tv
  • .cc
  • .name
Furthermore domains managed by Afilias are also affected of arbitrarily and fraudulent censorship:
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .pro
  • .asia
  • .aero
  • .ag
  • .bz
  • .gi
  • .hn
  • .in (our domain have been seized as well)
  • .lc
  • .me
  • .mn
  • .org
  • .sc
  • .vc
Our domain (drugeo.com) which does not sell any pharmaceuticals was expropriated as well without reason and notification which led us to setup drugeo.in. 10 months later drugeo.in has been seized for no reason or notification and we switched to drugeo.to.

May as you ask yourself why these actions are taking place and the reasons are as so often ... cash.
Web projects which are offering more cost efficient medications manufactured in India or Pakistan reducing the profits of US-based companies.
So, when an online pharmacy has a large domain history it does not mean that this online pharmacy is fraudulent or unreliable. It mostly shows that this online pharmacy is in business for a large time frame with a respectable customer-base which caused and still causes some minor financial losses of other US-based pharma companies.

Even if they were caused some bad experiences with some of their customers their reviews still remain here on drugeo even if the online pharmacy changes their domain-name.

What kind of online pharmacies exists?17.06.2016

The current market is divided in three types of online pharmacies, the first group are licensed ones which selling branded but expensive pharmaceuticals which often shipped domestically.
The second group describes online pharmacies which selling high quality but lower priced generic pharmaceuticals*. These are licensed as well but not always in the same country where the customer is located. That's why the shipments come mostly from abroad.
The third group consists of unlicensed pharmacies which primary promoted by any kind of spam. The quality of their products is not assured if a customer ever gets his order.

Unfortunately the media in Europe, USA and other countries puts the second as well as the third group together and accuse all of these to being unlawful selling counterfeit of even poisoned pharmaceuticals.
But this opinion is only valid for the third type of online pharmacies, the group of second typed online pharmacies as well as their manufacturers are accused unjustly.

The motive for this outrageous behaviour could be the intention to protect the domestic markets of pharmaceuticals from other cheaper alternatives from abroad. Nevertheless, such massive defamation can not be accepted any more by online pharmacies as well as manufacturers of Indian high quality pharmaceuticals so this website was founded.

*Primary by Indian manufacturers