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On this and on following pages we are publish various news about Drugeo.to


A new version of our search engine have been released today. The main focus was in the revision of the sorting of the given search results. We hope that this version fits more the expectations of our users than the last version, which tends to give out irrelevant matches in the middle of relevant ones.

great news18.10.2014

We get back our domain Drugeo.com after our reconsideration request was successful. Special thanks going to our registrar(idotz.net) who supported us in this case a lot. Even though we get back the domain this time, the problem with reality far US-laws and regulations which all .com domains have to comply with is still alive. Especially the problem to be responsible for all actions made by websites which you simply placed a link to.
That's the reason why we have to use our new domain Drugeo.in in order to avoid problems like these in the future.

drugeo.com domain seizure and analytics removed02.10.2014

Today our domain drugeo.com has been seized for no reason or notification. We are sad about that but we expected that. It is common scene that VeriSign(Registry of all .com Domains) does not tolerate other opinions or businesses which could reduce the massive profits of US-Based companies. That's why we chose drugeo.in as our new domain name. This is obvious since all here listed offers of Drugs are manufactured in India or Pakistan. The same applies to the online pharmacies which are mostly based in India.
Furthermore we decided to remove google analytics in order to protect the identity and pharmaceutical needs of our users.
First, we have decided to use google analytics to improve our search engine rankings but this state is never entered. It looks like if a website offers an easy and cheap way to get generic pharmaceuticals must be bad ranked, in order to protect overpriced medications sold by local pharmacies.

some gfx improvements15.05.2014

Some users contacted us due our small buttons and text-fields when they use drugeo on their smartphone. Actually, we are always striving to optimize drugeo on smartphones as well, but on some small devices some page-elements where to small. That why we have resized them up for about 15% today.


Today a new version of our search engine have been released. This one fixes some bugs like the 'generic' and 'brand' bug which shows all other generic and branded medications beside the desired one. Now the keywords like 'generic', 'brand' etc. are bounded on the desired medication phrase only.

hello world19.03.2014

This is day 0 of Drugeo, your search engine for drug prices and pharmacy reviews. We look forward to a new era and we hope that we will meet the needs of our users now and in the future. A good basis for this, is our technology which allows very efficient searchings and scalability in every sense. In this sense, we wish all users and future users a good shopping experience.
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