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On this and on following pages we are publish various news about Drugeo.to

merry christmas and harry new year 201724.12.2016

Another year goes to it's end. Drugeo increased its users the past months and numerous updates were made. One month ago we released our web-browser search plugin, which is used regularly by numerous users since then. The primary goal for 2017 will be the further increase of users by investing more funds as marketing capital.

Last but not least, we wish all our users a merry christmas and a prosperous start in the new year 2017.

brands and browser search plugin29.11.2016

Hello, two new features were released. Now it is possible to find the prices of all brands which containing a specific active agent. This makes it easier to compare specific brands and their prices and dosages. Furthermore, it is easier for refills because a patient can stay on a specific brand.
The second update is a browser plugin which makes it possible to search for drugs and their prices out of a web browser without visiting Drugeo before. We hope that these two features will increase the user experience significantly.

new features02.09.2016

a couple of new features were found their way into Drugeo. First a collection of important drugs which can be reviewed and sorted as well as the pharmacies. Second a collection of hand selected and tested coupons which will be sent to everyone who like to write a review about an online pharmacy or a drug, happy comparing.

results refined06.06.2016

Hello, today we released a new version of our search engine. The count of results will be lower but the results will be more relevant.
In order to improve the search engine positions of Drugeo we resubmitted Google Analytics. This is a test which will run for about 6 months, maybe its a solution for us.

drugeo.in has been seized12.08.2015

On the 3rd August our domain drugeo.in has been de-connected, that was the third try to beat a health related website of free speech out of the net. As all other seizures before, we did not received any justifications or even notifications.
Our Registrar Webiq Domains Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (R131-AFIN) never replied on our e-mails or reconsideration requests. Not even the registry of the .in Domain which treated us very fair, polite and competent was able to get a connection to this so called "company". Some background scans made by us brought to surface that Webiq is owned by a US-Company called BigRock Solutions Ltd (R144-AFIN). So a bribe or something other unlawful action must happened in order to take us down for a couple of days.
Now we are settled on .to and maybe the chances of survival are better for a website of free speech and innovation.

semantic analysis for our reviews and SSL-connection implemented23.05.2015

Today we released the first version of our semantic analysis engine. This engine analyses the reviews written by our users and build links to offers of the drug which the review has been about. But they are some limits, like the most of our users does not write down which pharmaceuticals/drugs they purchased.
So the semantic links unfortunately does not work with all written reviews, but only to these which contains the name or activate agent of the purchased pharmaceutical.

Another improvement which we have implemented is the https/SSL-connection which encrypts the data-stream between our users and the Drugeo Server. It is not a must to use it but when somebody what to use Drugeo via https/SSL he or she have to visit us via https://drugeo.to. The certificate is self signed so, the user has to accept/approve the certificate explicit at the first time to use it permanently in the own browser.

1st anniversary19.03.2015

After a tough year against all resistors we are still online. Not completely of course our domain drugeo.com has been seized the second time but our project plus all our loyal users witched to our new domain. Furthermore we improved our search mechanisms and GUI features step by step to gain it's user experience. Some more improvements will follow in the future but we will see. In conclusion, we would like to thank all our users and reviewers for their loyalty and trust which brings Drugeo through his first year.

drugeo.com has been seized again04.03.2015

Unfortunately our old domain Drugeo.com has been seized again. The registry (VeriSign) requires us to send a valid licence for each online pharmacy which is listed on drugeo.in. This is ridiculous due we have not access to these documents. Furthermore this 'wish' is not bounded to any law or judgement in the US or anywhere in the world.
Our lawyer assured to us that there is no law or judgement in the US which requires us to provide any pharmacy of drug licences due we are not a vendor or/and manufacturer of drugs or any other kind of pharmaceuticals. As long as our position is neutral (no advertisements of drugs or/and online pharmacies) we are just a provider of user generated informations which gives the customer enough freedom of choice.
Nevertheless Drugeo.com as been seized again even though the FDA settled the following for drug purchases:
“Although importation from international online pharmacies is technically illegal, the FDA has chosen to use discretion in this sensitive area. Typically, individuals are permitted to import a small (90-day) supply of prescription drugs for personal use without penalty.” Source: RXRights
In other words: Ordering from online pharmacies is legal for every US individual even if they are illegal as long the supply is small (90 days supply as maximum).

As conclusion it's to say that the registry of all .com Domains is an enemy of free speech in order to protect the massive profits of US-Based companies.

direct links and merry christmas22.12.2014

This weekend we launched an update which sends the user directly to the offer which she or he has found after an online pharmacy was chosen. This increases the usability of drugeo a lot due no further searching on certain online pharmacies is necessary anymore.

Here we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our users a merry christmas and a prosperous start in the new year 2015.


A new version of our search engine have been released today. The main focus was in the revision of the sorting of the given search results. We hope that this version fits more the expectations of our users than the last version, which tends to give out irrelevant matches in the middle of relevant ones.