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about us

Drugeo is a drug price comparison engine which also gives it's users the possibility to write reviews about all listed online pharmacies. It was launched in spring 2014 with Drugeo.com which has been seized in October 2014 for no reason or notification. Today we use Drugeo.to which was registered without a registrar (which can be bribed or forced to seize our domain) in between the .to registry and us.


The idea behind Drugeo was born in 2013 by a software architect which likes to purchase his medications online. The reason for that was the raised up problem to find an online pharmacy again after his last purchase, which was usually some months later. The most online pharmacies had to change their domains in the meantime, so in the most cases it was difficult to find them again. Another point was the limited possibility to check the reputation of an online pharmacy with a new domain, due in most cases no reviews have been written for that already.

After some months of development, Drugeo goes online in spring 2014 to offer it's users a unique service to find the right offer out of more than 1.5 millions by about 50 reviewed and well known online pharmacies. To make this possible we are using our self invented spider technology which finds recent price updates as well as disappeared online pharmacies which had been relaunched with a new domain.

legal conditions

Drugeo is a full automated price comparison engine for pharmaceuticals. Furthermore it is possible to read and write reviews about every single online pharmacy to reduce the risk of getting inferior medications or get harmed in other ways. Unlike some other allegations, Drugeo is not an online pharmacy or sells any medications to it's users. Not even advertisements of other online pharmacies are placed or will be placed in the future. The position of Drugeo is neutral and only gives the possibility for it's users to find high-grade medications for affordable prices from reliable sources.

Despite these facts a private held company called LegitScript accusing us to be a rogue online pharmacy and put us in their database. They justify their accusation with "facilitating the sale of unapproved drugs" due we are linking to online pharmacies. This would also apply to all other search engines like Google.com due they link to online pharmacies in their search results as well. However the linking to online pharmacies is not illegal or even violating the ICANN Domain-standards.

Nevertheless LegitScript or other parties likes to use this letter to proof that Drugeo is an illegal online pharmacy operation, however this letter is only dedicated to online pharmacies. Search or comparison engines like Google.com or Drugeo are not even mentioned. This fact makes this letter not applicable to a project like Drugeo which gives only informations to it's users.